Americans Are Stressed Out

One-third of Americans suffer from extreme stress which drives them to overeat, drink, and smoke. Despite the privelidge of living a very luxurious life in comparison with the rest of the world, Americans complained of low salaries, too much work, and a lack of opportunity. Many admitted to having difficulty dealing with stress which leads […]

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14 Yr. Old Seized For Plotting Terrorist Attack

A 14-year-old boy was arrested Wednesday night after the police received a tip that he was plotting a shooting spree at a high school in a northern suburb of Philadelphia. The police, after searching his home, found a 9-millimeter assault rifle, dozens of authentic-looking BB and air guns, and seven hand grenades he was making, four […]

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The CIA Investigates Its Own Investigators

The CIA was reported to begin investigating its own internal inspector general, John Helgerson, because of his aggressive investigations into torture allegations against his own spy agency. Say goodbye to liberty and justice for all, if you haven’t already.

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