Recommended Reading/Watching

Towards Understanding Islam – Mawdudi
Islam: The Way of Revival
Islam in Focus – Abdallati
Revolution by the Book – Jamil Al-Amin

Muhammad: An Authentic Overview – Mustafa Umar
In the Footsteps of the Prophet – Tariq Ramadan
Lost Islamic History
Islam and the World – Abul Hasan Nadwi

Islam: The Natural Way – Hamid
God, Islam, and the Skeptic Mind

Islamic Law
Guide of the Believer – Mustafa Umar
Shariah – Doi

Islam at the Crossroads – Muhammad Asad

The Autobiography of Malcolm X
Die Nigger Die – H Rap Brown
The Road to Makkah – Muhammad Asad

Abu Bakr – Sallabi
Umar – Sallabi
Uthman – Sallabi
Ali – Sallabi
Abu Hanifah – Akram Nadwi
Abu Hanifah – Shibli Numani

Baba Ali – The Reminder Series:

Islam: Empire of Faith
Reel Bad Arabs
Citizenfour: About Edward Snowden and digital privacy
Inside Job: About the real estate meltdown of 2008
Supersize Me and Supersize Me 2: About the fast food industry
Cleanflix: About video content filtering among the LDS (mormon) church
Divorce Corp: About the family court system in America
Muslims in American History: A Forgotten Legacy – Dr. Jerald Dirks

Islamophobia and Islamophilia: An Unusual Connection | Nazia Kazi (Explains why the good-muslim bad-muslim dichotomy and ‘respectability politics’ actually harms the cause of Islam)

The Occupation of the American Mind (video about Israel-Palestine conflict)

Arabic Videos
Imam Ahmad:
The Message in Arabic [totally diff than the English version]:
Imam Bukhari:
Imam Muslim:
Maryam [find the Arabic one]:

Videos for Kids

Muhammad – The Last Prophet (Animated Movie):

Bilal – A New Breed of Hero:

I’m the Best Muslim (Animated Series):

Hurray for Baba Ali:

Baba Ali KIds:

Turkish Video Series

Popular videos containing Islamic history. Family oriented. Teaches good manners and character in general.






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