• Politician who said ‘the Quran is poison’ converts to Islam
  • KFC Advertises on Female Rear Ends
    The Facts: KFC paid college girls $500 each to wear tight pants with “Double Down” written in large letters across their rear ends to boost sales. KFC marketing chief John Cywinski says it’s an effective way to catch the attention of young men, who are KFC’s key customers. Analysis: It is immoral for a woman’s ...
  • Student Commits Suicide in front of Webcam
    A 19 year old male committed suicide in front of a live streaming webcam. Some people were urging him on by saying things like, “go ahead and do it, faggot.” His reason was posted on a website, “I have let everyone down and I feel as though I will never change or never improve. I ...
  • Obese have right to two airline seats
    The Supreme Court of Canada ruled that obese people can have two seats on an airline for the price of one. Full Story  Lessons: Defending the rights of certain groups of people does nothing to help them solve their problems. In fact, it might even help them to justify themselves.
  • Cigna HealthCare kills 17 yr. old by refusing to pay for liver transplant
    The family of Nataline Sarkisyan is planning to sue Cigna HealthCare for the murder of their daughter. Despite Nataline being fully insured and having a matching donor ready, Cigna refused to pay for her liver transplant on the grounds that her healthcare plan “does not cover experimental, investigational, and unproven services.” Nataline’s doctors at the UCLA medical center ...
  • School Tricked Into Electrically Shocking Students
    Seven school officials at a Massachusetts special needs school were fired after wrongly administering electrick shock treatment. A prankster, pretending to be a member of the administration, phoned in instructions to administer electric shocks to some of the students. The school officials woke up two of the students and told them that they had been ...
  • Americans Are Stressed Out
    One-third of Americans suffer from extreme stress which drives them to overeat, drink, and smoke. Despite the privelidge of living a very luxurious life in comparison with the rest of the world, Americans complained of low salaries, too much work, and a lack of opportunity. Many admitted to having difficulty dealing with stress which leads ...
  • 14 Yr. Old Seized For Plotting Terrorist Attack
    A 14-year-old boy was arrested Wednesday night after the police received a tip that he was plotting a shooting spree at a high school in a northern suburb of Philadelphia. The police, after searching his home, found a 9-millimeter assault rifle, dozens of authentic-looking BB and air guns, and seven hand grenades he was making, four ...
  • The CIA Investigates Its Own Investigators
    The CIA was reported to begin investigating its own internal inspector general, John Helgerson, because of his aggressive investigations into torture allegations against his own spy agency. Say goodbye to liberty and justice for all, if you haven’t already.

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